For this mash up we decided to combine Mad Menwith Rick Astley.

This was our first video to pass 1,000,000 views on youtube and it was voted best mash up by The Poke in 2012 as well as being featured on Good Morning America & Rudetube.

The reason for making this was video was that we had previously had some success with Tom Selleck’s Moustache, which was nominated for a Comedy Central Award in 2012, at which I was the only British Nominee.
I had such a great time at the awards and leading up to the awards knowing that so many people had seen and liked my work that I wanted to see if we could do another major video release for this year that might top the success of Tom Selleck’s Moustache.

We always liked the idea of doing something with Rick-Rolling. Although, of course, this doesn’t really count as Rick-Rolling as you know you are getting Rick Astley before you click, it’s just that, initially, we liked the idea of doing something with that meme – or certainly that song, because it is a great song.

The reason we chose Mad Men is simply because that was the box set we were watching at the time. People ask if we are fans of Mad Men and the honest answer is “we are now”.
I had never seen an episode until just before we embarked on this. I make all my work with two others, Mark & Gareth, and we have little money and lots of time on our hands. We tend to watch an awful lot of TV shows in their entirety, in one go.
We started working through Mad Men and came to realise it could work with the Rick Astley song. By that I mean, we weren’t already hard core Mad Men fans that decided to immortalise their favourite show in a mash up and rewatch all of it looking for the words – we watched Mad Men purely for enjoyment and along the way noted down any examples of words from the song once we had realised the two would work together.
We are all now committed fans of Mad Men, but the reason we chose Mad Men was really because that’s what we were watching at the time we decided to do another Mash Up. If we’d have been watching, say, The Wire for the first time, that would very likely have been the show we went with.

This uses footage from seasons 1-4 as season 5 hadn’t come out when we made this

In terms of how long it took to make, all in all, I’d say 4 weeks if you add everything up, but we didn’t do it in one intensive block as people seem to think. We do have ‘some’ sort of life. We had no deadline so we just tinkered with it for ages over a few months slowly building it up to final version you can now see on here.

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