Pappy'sPAPPY’S are a hugely popular British comedy/sketch troupe composed of comedians Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby & Tom Parry.
They perform regularly all over the UK and have twice been nominated for best show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
They run the podcasts Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown & Bangers and Mash and are currently filming their sitcom Secret Dude Society in Glasgow for BBC3

For Perfect Movie they were asked to choose her three favourite scenes from any film: opening, ending & misc scene.

Trivia: We filmed all of these scenes on location in South London in under 4 hours because, in the Sainsbury’s Car Park we had to park in on the day of the shoot, up to four hours of parking was free. If we were any later we would probably get a parking ticket, so 4 hours it was.
A little glimpse into the rock and roll reality of No Budget DIY filmmaking there…

These are their choices…


Swingers is one of those films that really struck a chord with me and my friends when we were at University. It’s an awesome PrickFlik (A chick flick for men) and was the first time we’d seen a cool romance & feelings movie we could all relate to in a way that we hadn’t discovered in our film watching adventures so far.
Any film that makes you want to dress smart, expand your knowledge of Big Band Music & learn to dance can only be a good thing.
The ending is both a great scene & and great pay off to the whole movie
Here it is…


I think like a lot of children my age I used to love dinosaurs and know all their names including the Latin versions. Then you hit 9 years old and some form of genetic fail safe kicks in and you forget everything.

Even so, monsters have always been a favourite of mine in both literature & film.

As a child I was more interested in reading than watching movie after movie and mainly read sci-fi & fantasy. So I was probably one of the very few age appropriate punters who had read the book before seeing the film – I even wrote an essay for my GCSE course work comparing the ‘monster threat’ of Jurassic Park with that of The Andromeda Strain.
Yes, I was that sort of child…

Jurassic Park is a great movie with a great cast & great lines.
For most of us who were youngsters when it was released it was the first time we properly saw Samuel L. Jackson in a film.

For me Bob Peck pretty much stole the show, which took some doing given how well cast & acted the film genuinely is. The way he commands every scene & conversation he has is incredible. Even the way he talks is brilliant and is definitely up there with Alan Rickman in Die Hard for voices you want to be able to do convincingly.
“Shoot Her”
“They should all be destroyed”
“Because we’re being hunted”
“Clever Girl”

***Spoiler alert***
If he’d have used the time it took to say “clever girl” to swing his gun round & shoot the raptor he’d probably be alive today.
***End Spoiler***

The scene we have recreated is the bit where the T-Rex attacks the car and for those of you who are fans of Pappy’s Live shows – Yes, that is an appearance from Dean
Here it is…


Despite being somewhat synonymous with (and opening the floodgates for) below par Mockney nonsense & geezer based crime bollocks later on in his career, a lot of people forget that Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels was quite a revelation when it first came out.

A British Crime Thriller with genuine cinematic flair and a welcome & refreshing joie de vivre, the like of which hadn’t been seen for years – even the really good contemporary crime stuff was mainly TV dramas and filmed accordingly. Personally, I love all that, but if you are going to make a British Crime Film to be seen in the cinemas, make it cinematic.

There’s a reason Lock Stock has been so often emulated.
This is the first film most British Filmmakers want(ed) to make but Guy Ritchie got there first, raised the bar & set the tone. Whether you like the film or not it was a definite game changer.

It hasn’t dated as well as it might and Guy Ritchie’s insistence on criminal authenticity over acting ability does make for some idiosyncratic performances but somehow they never spoil the film or snap you out of your suspension of disbelief. The internal logic is always sound and the whole film is consistent in mood & tone.

Overall it’s a solid film, a lot of fun and well worth a watch in case you haven’t already.

Also, it’s the film that gave the world Jason Statham so, for that alone, we must thank Guy Ritchie for Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

We recreated the opening scene
Here it is…

Why not let us know what you think about these scene in the comments box below?

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