He is a Hackney Empire New Act of the Year finalist & a Perfect Movie Regular. You can check out his website here

For Perfect Movie he was asked to choose his three favourite scenes from any film: opening, ending & misc scene.

These are his choices with his reasons for picking them…


NATHANIEL: This has been my favourite opening to a movie and one of my favourite movies full-stop, since I saw it for the first time one rainy afternoon in the 90s. It’s a much parodied scene to the extent that I suspect most people don’t know the original at all. It feels more like an ending than a “where can they possibly go from here?” beginning. It’s a brilliant example of stiff-upper-lipped passions under the surface that we do so well/naturally in this country. In many way it’s the quintessential Niven moment. He could almost have built his entire career on this one scene.

RICH: I apologise for how ugly I am dressed as a woman…

Here it is…


NATHANIEL: The library scene from KESalways stands out a mile whenever I watch the movie. I’m always surprised you don’t see people talking about it more. It really sums up Billy Casper’s character like no other. Also for me (and perhaps only me) I think it’s a brilliantly funny scene. I don’t think Ken Loach gets the recognition for how funny a lot of his films are. Sure they’re dramatic but there are often a lot of laughs in their too.

RICH: Again, I should be playing a woman, but I figured it didn’t really matter if I did it as a man. Also, I apologise for the generic “Fred Elliot” Northern Accent.

Here it is…


RICH: Everyone seems to love BACK TO THE FUTURE – and rightly so, it’s brilliant. One of the regular things about Perfect Movie is that I ask people what their favourite films are and BACK TO THE FUTURE
is easily one of if not ‘the’ most popular choice. BACK TO THE FUTURE is a superbly well written and expertly made movie. I believe that BACK TO THE FUTURE are the best trilogy of films there are…

NATHANIEL: This is my favourite closing scene to a movie because let’s face it, it’s best one. I can still remember the “sugar-high” excitement of this final scene when I watched it for the first time as a kid, and it still does exactly the same thing to me now. Coming off the back of a “perfect movie” in every sense, it’s a balls-out, brain-exploding finale.

RICH: Once more, I feel I have to apologise for my accent. I am fully aware that Christopher Lloyd doesn’t sound like a jowly Richard Nixon.

People online seemed to be quite upset about this recreation for some reason, so to answer those queries now…

We are British – that’s why we say arsehole instead of asshole. This is deliberate & not a mistake.
Nathaniel is dressed as Marty Mcfly in the iconic costume, not the scene appropriate costume because, well, if you’re gonna pretend to be in BACK TO THE FUTURE, you want to get to wear your life preserver.
That’s my real parents, that’s why they don’t look like Crispin Glover & Lea Thompson.
I don’t own a delorean or know anyone who does.
I have no budget & I make these at home for no money.

I hope that’s clear…

One last bit of trivia, the glasses I am wearing are covered in masking tape and I can’t see a thing out of them, which just adds another layer of danger to my performance…

Here it is…

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