Jim Bob is a musician, novelist & performer.
He is well known for being one half of one of my favourite bands of all time – CARTER: THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX MACHINE. His recent novels Storage Stories & Driving Jarvis Ham were critical & commercial successes. His website is here

For Perfect Movie he was asked to choose his three favourite scenes from any film: opening, ending & misc scene.

All these scenes were filmed at The Railway Hotel in Southend on Sea, Essex

These are his choices with his reasons for picking them…


JIM BOB: I don’t think I deliberately chose two out of my three Perfect Movie scenes to be almost completely free from dialogue. It did mean I didn’t have to learn a lot of lines. And I am quite lazy. For the opening scene of Carlito’s Way I didn’t even have to stand up.
I do love a film that begins with a voice over. I’m not saying my Carlito is better than Al Pacino’s. That’s for others to say

RICH: In case it wasn’t really obvious, that is me doing the voice over. In my head, that is exactly what Al Pacino sounds like during the whole film…

Here it is…


JIM BOB: Not a lot of dialogue for me here either. I think all I say is ‘Juicy Fruit’ and ‘Canada’. Mind you, the Juicy Fruit line is one of my all time moments in film history. I’m quite happy with my chewing though and at managing to finally get past Richard Sandling’s
‘sons of bitches’ line without laughing.

RICH: Yes. This scene did take quite a while as we were always laughing. For the record, for a few takes I totally nailed a brilliantly nuanced & heartfelt performance but in the edit it just didn’t work, that’s why we stuck with this performance of mine, honest…

Here it is…


RICH: This whole film is great. There are so many brilliant scenes. This is the film that Raindrops Keep Falling on my head was written for (and won an Oscar for).

JIM BOB: A lot of lines to learn for this one. I’ve always loved the film. I must have first seen it when I was about eleven years old and have seen it about a hundred times since. The ending has been parodied a lot. It was nice to be able to pay more respectful homage to it.

RICH: If you pay very close attention you can see that we are both such physical wrecks we can’t actually stand up from a seated position. Sad, but true…

Here it is…

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