GEMMA WHELAN is a comedian & actress.
Gemma WhelanShe plays Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, has appeared in the films The Wolfman & Gulliver’s Travels as well performing in the west end in One Man, Two Govenors as Rachel Crabbe.
Gemma won the Funny Women Variety Act Award at The Leicester Square Theatre on the 20th September 2010 with her character Chastity Butterworth and regularly performs characters & comedy on the UK circuit.

For Perfect Movie she was asked to choose her three favourite scenes from any film: opening, ending & misc scene.

These are her choices…


Originally, we wanted to do the end scene to Dirty Dancing. Gemma even half attempted to plan some choreography and I did a bit of stretching the night before, but the day we planned to shoot was one of the days in early 2013 when it snowed so it was impossible to get into the garden and do it.
Thankfully, we had enough forethought to come up with a contingency plan and Sunset Boulevard (her second favourite end scene) became the one we filmed.
Here it is…


I love The King of Comedy so I was delighted when Gemma suggested doing a scene from it. Everyone knows how good Robert De Niro is in this film, but Sandra Bernhard is equally as good in this film in my opinion. The scene we created is the scene when she is ranting at Jerry Lewis, who is tied to a chair. The scene is great and, apparently, mostly improvised. For those you who know The King of Comedy, our version finishes before she takes her clothes off. Sorry…
Here it is…


Happiness is a great film though, like most of Todd Solondz’s work, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Still, the joy of cinema is that there is always room for interesting filmmakers like Todd Solondz to make interesting films like Happiness.
This opening scene of the break up in the restaurant originally starred Jon Lovitz & Jane Adams and probably is one the best opening scenes to any film ever in my opinion.
We had great fun filming it and we hope you enjoy the finished article.
Here it is…

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